Hydraulic Hammers South Africa

Hydraulic Hammers South Africa

New and used hydraulic hammers South Africa wide

At Montabert SA, we aim to keep raising the bar by manufacturing high-end drilling tools and hydraulic breakers that are both cutting-edge and highly-functional. We are confident in our ability to produce the best hydraulic hammers South Africa has ever seen. This powerful machinery is designed to fit an excavator and is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system. In order to fully ensure the durability of your excavator, our hydraulic hammers offer high productivity and strength that comes with the patented technology and allows you more longevity. We take great pride in knowing that we are the number one manufacturers of heavy machinery when it comes to pneumatic tools and we ensure that each product is both unbeatable and highly advanced.


The best hydraulic hammers South Africa has ever seen

What makes us stand out is the versatility and adaptability of each of our equipment. Our hydraulic breakers come in three different categories with each of them being better suited to its own kind of application allowing you to get more work done more conveniently. Bringing you the most efficient hydraulic hammers South Africa can offer, we have built a rock solid reputation around innovation and high quality. If you are trying to purchase both new and used tools for your drilling endeavours, you can be rest assured that we offer the best hydraulic breakers in Southern Africa.  We understand how rigorous breaking and excavation processes could be and we have tailored our products to handle the task effortlessly.


Suppliers of the most powerful hydraulic breakers South Africa wide

From design, production and distribution of both new and used drilling equipment, Montabert SA is well known for providing the best hydraulic hammers South Africa has ever seen. From our first inventions to our most recent hydraulic breakers, we have always led the industry with both cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment. We are not just your run off the mill manufacturers as we combine precision, technical-know-how and attention to detail in every production process. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation by giving you the best.

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