Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic Hammers

Leading manufacturers of hydraulic hammers in South Africa

In the world of construction and general civil engineering applications, newer tools and machinery are always in great demand to meet the ever-growing need for more effective and efficient task execution. Montabert SA is a leading company in the design, manufacture and supply of hydraulic hammers and a wide range of construction/quarry equipment. Having led the industry since its inception in the production of pneumatic demolition and drilling equipment, Montabert SA has always been at the forefront of technological advancement and we have continuously set the pace with our latest machinery and cutting-edge facilities. Our sense of innovation is unrivalled and we are your best choice for premium, efficient and durable machinery that gets the job done.


Versatile hydraulic hammers for all your projects

Hydraulic hammers are a vital tool in excavation and quarry endeavours. It is important to obtain highly-functional tools that have been tested, trusted and confirmed to deliver. At Montabert SA, we are relentlessly providing the industry with state of the art technology that makes the job easier and allows for precision in drilling and excavation. Regardless of whether you are breaking rock or concrete, our tools bring the much-needed power and versatility and provide you with optimum performance throughout your operation. Our latest hydraulic breakers are a testament to the nature of automation and functionality we bring to the industry and you can rely on us to provide only the best for you.


Top-notch hydraulic hammers at Montabert SA

At Montabert SA, we pay a great deal of attention to reliability and efficiency in our production processes in order to ensure minimal downtime during operational periods and increase machine lifespan. With each passing year, we are constantly in the process of refining our tools and devising newer blueprints for our machines in order to supply the market with top notch hydraulic breakers. Our machines and excavators offer maximum protection as they come with their own patented mechanism.


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